No wonder dad’s lonely.

Thinking about that time when I opened up to you about my first email lover. I was fifteen years old and it’d taken me weeks to build up the courage to finally spill. You guys were so fucking clueless. Yeah, just respond to my natural desire for love and validation by cutting me off from my best friend.

I was learning to express myself in an honest and vulnerable way, and that should have been encouraged. Even though I was young, even though he was a few years older.

But instead you let your own fear and ignorance decide.

FUCK YOU. Fuck every parent who takes a beautiful human connection experience away from their kid because you just don’t understand and that makes it scary.

And now? I’m trying so hard to connect vulnerably. And I’m still fighting with that fear you instilled, that somehow allowing myself to be seen is dangerous. I know I got this from you, since you’ve been wearing a mask as long as I can remember. Never let anyone see you.

No wonder Dad’s lonely.

By I was a baby once.

I'm writing anonymous letters to work through some stuff.

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